Our Services

Cable Processing

From single strand to multi-stranded cable, we have the facility to terminate both ends of the cable whilst cutting and stripping to length. 


The machines computer controlled facility stores data to ensure repeatability of process criteria from batch to batch.


Our manufacturing capabilities are also in line with many of our customers varying requirements - from complex high volume harnesses to simple, lower volume cables and harnesses.

Wiring Boards

Build and test boards are designed and made in-house to ensure repeatability and reliability of product design. The test boards ensure electrical continuity and correct orientation of cables.

Applicator Tooling


We currently have in excess of 150 mini applicators in stock - and with the in-house expertise applicable to tool design and modification, can build a tool to suit most suppliers' terminal specifications and data log sheets. This gives us the flexibility andontrol needed to satisfy our customer's requirements ensuring product quality and delivery adherence.


A wide variety of terminals are utilised in the manufacture of the many cables and wiring harnesses that we produce. Typical sources are Tyco, AMP, Grote & Hartmann, Yazaki, JST, Sumitomo, Delphi Packard and Molex.